Basics: How to Add Content to a Blackboard Course

Instructors populate Blackboard courses with materials in one of three ways:

Course Copy Request: Instructor emails Faculty Assistance Center (FAC) a course copy request to copy content from a past/current course or developmental shell. Requests must include the 5 digit synonym numbers for both the source and the destination. Requests should be sent to

Lead instructor: Lead instructor emails course copy request to FAC to copy content from master course for adjuncts. In this case, the teaching instructor may receive course with content already in their course.

Copying own courses: Fulltime instructor has “course copy access” and may copy course content from past course or developmental shell.

(FAC must give course copy access, with Chairperson approval)

Any instructor may request a “developmental” Blackboard shell to build their course in. The course content may then be copied from the developmental shell into the course that will be active for students. Blackboard course developmental shells are not tied to a specific semester and have no students in it; making it the ideal way to prepare materials for upcoming semesters.

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