Basics: Requesting a Course Copy

Past semester Blackboard content or shell content can be copied into next semester’s course.  To make a request, email and provide your complete course section information, including course, section and synonym in the email.


source course                    destination course

CSCI-2467-SHELL-2020 to CSCI-2467-001-12345-SP-2020
COLS-1101-010-24126-SP-2020 to COLS-1101-001-29704-SU-2020

Pre-Copy Checklist:

  • Have you been officially assigned to the destination course?
  • Is there content in the destination course already? If so, all content copied into it will add to, or duplicate existing content.
  • Are you completely ready to copy the content from the source course – is the content exactly what you want copied?

Post-Copy Checklist:

  • Have you verified that all content transferred properly?
  • Follow the checklist for Beginning of the Semester Checklist

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