Basics: Blackboard Assignment Feature

*For instructions on using Turnitin Direct Assignment, see Related Articles.

  1.  Go to Content Area (for example, Our Classroom)>Assessments>Assignment.
  2. Add a name for the Assignment.
  3.  Add instructions for the students if necessary.
  4. Files may be added for student review.
  5.  Set a due date.
  6.  Set a point value.
  7.  Add a rubric (optional).
  8. Open Submission Details. Choose Individual or Group Submission. 
  9. Set the number of attempts.
  10. Skip Grading Options.
  11. Open Display of Grades and choose the display options.
  12. Set Availability options if needed.
  13. Track Number of Views (optional).
  14. Submit.
Of note:
Creating an Assignment automatically creates a column in the Grade Center for the assessment.
Assignments can be deleted if there are no student attempts made. If attempts have been submitted they will be lost if the assignment is deleted. Deleting the Assignment also removes the column from the Grade Center.
Assignments will copy over in a full course copy.

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