Basics: Student View for the Instructor

Please see the linked article "Basics: Student Preview."

Student View allows instructors to navigate their course as if they were a student.  Instructors can take tests, submit assignments, and check student access to content.

Access Student View by selecting the "Go to Student View" button located in the upper right-hand corner of the Blackboard course.

Using Student View creates a demo student in the course that will appear in the User List and Full Grade Center as " Instructor’s full name(demo student) zz_username." Any assignments completed or tests taken while in Student View will appear in Grade Center under this demo student.

Click Return to Teacher View to exit Student View. The demo student created will remain in the Grade Center. The demo student can be removed by contacting the Faculty Assistance Center at

Note: To quickly check the availability of certain items, turn Edit Mode off. This will not create a demo student and will not allow test-taking or assignment submissions.

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