Basics: Creating Content Areas and Tool Links in a Course Menu

A Content Area is where students locate course materials. Commonly used Content Areas are Course Materials, Course Information, and Tests. Before adding items to Blackboard, a Content Area needs to be created.

A Tool Link gives students quick access to Blackboard tools that may be heavily used in the course. Commonly used Tool Links are Discussion Board, My Grades, and Email Instructor.

Click on the icon (plus sign in a circle) in the upper left corner of the Navigation Menu.

This will display options for creating Content Areas, Tool Links, and other elements in your Navigation Menu.

When creating a Content Area, name it and make it available to users.

When creating a Tool Link, name it and select the tool to link to, and make available to users.

Web Links, Subheaders, and Dividers are other popular elements used to create a Navigation Menu.

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