Basics: 2. Getting Started: Standard Course Navigation Environment

A Blackboard course shell is created for every course at CSCC. Blackboard is used to provide content and options that affect how the students interact with the course. Students are automatically added to the course four days prior to the beginning of the semester. At that time, they will have access to available course materials in Blackboard.

The standard course navigation provides consistency in course design contributing to student success. Content is organized in a familiar layout for all courses allowing students to focus on the learning the course content. The Faculty Assistance Center (FAC) can assist you in setting up your course using the standard shell.

Announcements – A course tool for posting timely information about the course.

Orientation – Start Here – A pre-loaded content area containing college approved student support information and a customizable instructor welcome item.
Course Information – A pre-loaded content area containing standard college policies and customizable course information like the syllabus and course calendar.

Our Classroom – A content area for course assignments, lecture handouts, slide shows, videos, web links, etc.
Interaction – Can be a content area containing student-to-student interaction such as discussion boards, blogs, wikis, and journals or a tool link directly to the discussion board.
Tests/Quizzes – A content area to give students quick access to tests and quizzes.
My Grades – A tool link giving students quick access to view their grades.

Email Instructor/Classmates – Tool links to allow quick access to email.

Zoom- Tool link to the Zoom meeting tool. (optional if you are not using this tool)

Option Button1 & Option Button2 - May be set up as a tool link or a content area according to need.

Course Management Menu

  • Content Collection (Files) – A repository for all files uploaded to the course.
  • Course Tools – Access to all available tools.
  • Evaluation – View course statistics from tracking reports.
  • Grade Center – Manage student grades.
  • Users and Groups – Create groups. Users are automatically added.
  • Customization – Access hidden tools and upload a course banner.

Students do not have access to the control panel.

Student View Option (Instructors Only)
This option allows the instructor to experience the course as a demo student. 

Bread Crumb Trail

And alternative way to navigate a course quickly by clicking on the name of a content area or folder.

Edit Mode

Edit Mode provides a modified student view of the course. Make sure it is ON before attempting to edit content.

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