Basics: Adding an Item (Document File) to the Course

Before adding items to Blackboard, a Content Area needs to be created. See Related Articles for directions.

  1. Hover over Build Content and select Item.
  2. On the Create Item page, type a Name.
  3. Instructions may be typed into the text box.
  4. Add documents in the Attachments section. Attach a file using one of the following options.
    1. To upload a file from the computer, click Browse My Computer. Any files you upload from the computer are saved in Content Collection in the course folder.
    2. To access previously uploaded files to the course, click Browse Content Collection.
  5. Select the Options:
    1. Click Yes to Permit Users to View this Content.
    2. Click Yes to Track Number of Views.
    3. Select the Display After and Display Until check boxes to enable the date and time selections. Display restrictions do not affect item availability, only when it appears.
  6. Click Submit.
Do not add media files in this manner. See Related Articles for information on adding Media files.