Grade Center: An Introduction to Grade Center

Using the Blackboard Grade Center for all courses is mandatory

Instructors record grades and monitor student progress so they can make informed decisions to improve learning.

 By default, there are two types of total columns available when setting up a new Grade Center - those being the Weighted Total column, and the Total column. 

The syllabus dictates the structure of grade center.The “Weighted Total” column is used for calculating student grades that are weighted and the “Total” column is used for calculating student grades using points.  All assignments and tests must be setup according to the appropriate structure. 

At the end of the semester, each instructor should download the Grade Center for future reference and send a copy to their Office Associate.

Word of Caution! Consider FERPA issues!
- Do not download and store grades to a publicly accessed computer.
- Never store student grades to non-CSCC internet file storage services such as or


  • Blackboard's Grade Center is not connected to Columbus State's CougarWeb system.
  •  Grades cannot automatically transfer from Blackboard into CougarWeb.
  • Instructors will always need to enter final student grades into the CougarWeb system.

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