Grade Center: Navigating the Full Grade Center

The Grade Center is accessed from the Control Panel in any Blackboard course. Click the action link to the right of the Grade Center menu link to access the full Grade Center.

Action Bar:
Create Column — Creates a column that represents a gradable item in the course.
Create Calculated Column — calculated columns combine data from multiple columns to attain performance results; choose from Average, Minimum/Maximum, Total, or Weighted.
Manage — Customize and manage the Grade Center. Choose from Grading Periods, Grading Schemas, Categories, Smart Views, Column Organization, and Row Visibility
Reports — Create a customized, printable report, or view grade history.
Course Roster — Syncs with COLLEAGUE to provide an up-to-date and accurate list of     all students registered for a course.
Column Menu — Provides access to a column’s settings, including Quick Column Information, Edit Column Information, Column Statistics, Show/Hide to Users, Hide from Instructor, Hide from Students
Work Offline — Download the Grade Center into an Excel spreadsheet for working offline. The spreadsheet can be uploaded back to the Grade Center after grades have been recorded
Icon Legend — As activity gets added and recorded into the Grade Center, refer to the Icon Legend for assistance.