Grading: Verifying a Student Submitted an Assignment

Occasionally a student will claim to have turned in an assignment via Blackboard's Assignment feature that the instructor cannot locate.

There are several ways to check this claim.

1) When a student successfully submits an assignment, a confirmation email is sent with a submission ID number. Ask the student if the email was received. The email will look like this:

2) Check the Submission Receipts by going to the Full Grade Center and Selecting Reports> Submission Receipts

All receipts issued by Blackboard for assignments submitted via the Assignment feature will be listed.

3) By going to the cell where the student's grade would be entered a dropdown menu can be accessed by hovering the mouse over the cell. From that dropdown View Grade Details will display. 

This view displays a submission, if one has been made, and the Grade History tab will display all the details concerning the grade, including all attempts made, any exemptions, clearances, or grades that may have been changed.

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