Grading: Grading an Assignment

There are 2 ways to access submissions that need grading.

Quick access method

1. Go to Course Management>Grade Center and expand the menu by clicking the arrow. Select Needs Grading.

2. A list of items ready for grading will display.

Access through the Grade Center

  1. In the desired Grade Center column, ungraded assignments will be indicated by an exclamation point.
  2. Click the dropdown icon in the cell for the assignment to be graded and select View Grade Details.

3. Options for grading will appear:

View Grade Details- provides a look at the item to be graded, grade history, and other options pertaining to the grading process.

Exempt Grade - excuses the student from the requirement.

Attempt - a direct link to the item needing grading.

4. The submission will display in Annotate. An Attempt will look like this:

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