Assistive Technology: Adding Collaborators to Assist with Video Captioning and Reviewing Videos

Open My Media in the Blackboard

Locate the video

Select the Pencil icon (Edit) on the right (yellow highlight):

View of a video in a My Media listing.

From the submenu under the video player, select Collaboration:

Type in the username of the collaborator

Select a permission (role)

Select the +Add Collaborator option (teal button):

Added collaborators and their permissions will be listed under the video

Roles defined:

Co-editor - able to edit data and video, able to edit captions, able to view analytics. Unable to delete media or add new collaborators. (This is the role to use to allow others to assist with editing captions.)

Co-publisher - able to publish the media.

Co-Viewer - able to access and view unlisted media entries. (This role is helpful for allowing someone to review a video before it is added to a course.)

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