Basics: Embedding a Research Guide in Blackboard

Embedding a Research Guide

Video:4 minutes, 58 seconds

Library Research Guide - Helps students with research and citations.

To begin - go to

Select Research Help>Research Guides

Course Guides are specific to a course and created by collaborating with the library staff

Research Support features citations, information literacy, library resources, financial assistance, and majors

Academic Topics are more broad and focus on a department or area of study

Choose the resource and go to the course

Create a content area for the resource

Under Build Content, select Library Resources

Name the resource and submit

Select the link by clicking on the guide name

From the LibApps Library Content Selection page, choose the Content Type

Select the item to display in the course

Select Embed Content

The instructor has the option to view or edit the embedded content

Please contact the library to create a new guide or give feedback on current guides - 614-287-2460

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