Basics: Fixing the Scroll Bars Affected by Firefox 100/Windows 11 (Blackboard Grade Center & Student Views)

(Thanks to the Help Desk, extension 5050, for this information.)

When using Windows 11 and Firefox 100, users will encounter minor issues with the scrollbars.

 In the Blackboard Grade Center, these scrollbars are razor thin and need to be hovered over in order to see them:

For students, anytime they need to scroll the screen – for long content areas, discussion boards, etc – the right-scroll is the little line that is visible on the far right:

There are two options that we have found which re-implement the pre-Firefox 100 scrollbars. 

Option 1: Set scrollbars to always display in Windows 11.This is an operating system setting so it will impact all applications.

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Visual effects
  2. Set "Always show scrollbars" to On

The Grade Center will now look like this:

Option 2: Change settings in Firefox

This will only impact Firefox but takes more effort. Note: there may be other settings in about:config which adjust these scrollbars as well. If you find something new/different, please pass it along.

  1. Open a new tab
  2. Go to about:config
  3. Accept any risks
  4. Search for
  5. Change value from 0 (Default OS) to 4 (Windows 10 style)
  6. Search for
  7. Change value from true to false
  8. Search for
  9. Change value from true to false

The Grade Center will now look like this:

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