Basics: Post-Course Copy Checklist - Getting a Course Ready for Students

•    After the course is copied, make sure all content is there, in order, and technical aspects are working.

•    Some basic To-Do’s may include: 

  •    Post a new “Welcome” message in Announcements and under "Orientation - Start Here"/"Getting Started"
  •    Update your “Faculty Information” (under "Course Information")
  •    Delete or update last semester’s Announcements and update assignment due dates – use Calendar and Date Management instructions.
  •    Update your Syllabus and Course Calendar with new semester information and dates (under “Course Information”)
  •   Make sure your Grade Center is in order, information matches your Syllabus, and that grade totals match up. Check the Mange>Column Organization view of Grade Center for hidden columns that may be connected to unused assessments

NOTE:  Turnitin assignments- make sure to recycle them in the newly copied course. 

             Check any copied publisher content and follow the publisher's instructions pertaining to the product.

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