Tests: Show Test Results and Feedback Options

1. When - From the dropdown menu, select from:
After Submission
One Time View
On Specific Date
After Due Date
After Availability End Date
After All Attempts are Graded
(If After All Attempt are Graded, a grade of 0 must be given to any student who did not completed the assessment in order for students to view the grade.)

The second option offers these selections:
On a Specific Day
After Due Date
After Availability End Date
After Attempts are Graded

2. Score Per Question
This option will display the question and the score.
(Selecting Only the overall score from the When menu is sufficient.)

3. Answers
Three choices
All Answers

4. Feedback
This option displays feedback that may have been included when the test was created in Blackboard. This option must be checked if feedback is being provided for essay questions.

5. Show Incorrect Questions
If selected, the student will see which questions were marked wrong.

Test scores can also be hidden from the students by going to the Grade Center and selecting the option to Hide from Students from the dropdown menu at the top of a column.

The current recommendation for Feedback is to leave ALL options unchecked. This is to prevent students from copying the tests to pass on to others. The students will see their scores in their My Grades listing.

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