Grade Center: Downloading the Grade Center

Full or partial data can be downloaded and saved on a local computer and later uploaded for final recording.

  1. Select Full Grade Center. Locate the gray button on the far right side called Work Offline
  2. Hover over it and select Download
  3. Full Grade Center is the default setting. Leave it unless only partial data is needed.
  4. Delimiter Type is set to tab by default and is the necessary setting
  5. Include Hidden Information should be changed to "Yes"
  6. The Download Location is set to "My Computer" 
  7. Do not engage the Browse button as it will only display the Content Collection
  8. Select Submit
  9. A gray DOWNLOAD button will display on a new page
  10. A download dialogue box will open
  11. Select "Save File" (Grade Center must be saved in .xls format, an Excel spreadsheet)
  12. Select "OK" to save (Files often go to the computer's Downloads file unless the browser was set up to download to another location)

The file name will always begin "gc_" and include the full ID of the course.

Many departments require a copy be sent to the office associate.

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