Multimedia: Comparing and Contrasting Kaltura Capture and Collaborate

Kaltura Capture is screen recording software that synchronizes whatever is on the user’s computer screen with a microphone audio feed to make a video. Blackboard Collaborate is a synchronous web conferencing application (that runs inside a web browser) that allows two or more people to have real-time, two-way audio/video communication online. They are complementary programs that can be used together and/or independently.

Here are some things Blackboard Collaborate can do that Kaltura Capture can’t:

  • Provide a way for two or more people to communicate in real time, sharing audio (either through computer microphones and/or through a phone call connection) and video (either through a live camera feed and/or sharing content from a computer screen) — Kaltura Capture is just for a single person to use on their local computer.
  • Facilitate a live instant messaging/text chat platform — Kaltura Capture has nothing like that.
  • Create a web link to a live meeting session that anybody, anywhere can join, as long as they know the URL (and even if they have nothing to do with CSCC) — Kaltura Capture has no collaboration features.
  • Create ad-hoc, interactive surveys (using either multiple-choice or yes/no questions) — Kaltura Capture has no interactive functionality.
  • Allow multiple people to annotate (draw and/or type) over a shared PowerPoint, PDF, or image file in real time — Kaltura Capture’s “live annotation” tools are only for a single user as part of the recording.

Here are some things Kaltura Capture can do that Blackboard Collaborate can’t:

  • Pause and resume the recording — Collaborate has no pause functionality with its session recording feature.
  • Record any custom area/ portion of your computer screen — Collaborate either shows the whole desktop or an individual application window, and nothing in between.
  • Record everything going on in your Collaborate session (including the chat window) at once — Collaborate only selectively records Shared Content video and camera video. Also, the text chat is saved as a separate, downloadable plain-text file, not as part of the recording video.
  • Annotate (draw/comment) over any part of your screen at any time during the recording — Collaborate can only use annotation in a Whiteboard or a Shared Content file.
  • Record and display the desktop and a camera at the same time, or record two screens simultaneously, or record two cameras simultaneously — Collaborate can only record one source at a time.
  • Record offline — Collaborate requires a live Internet connection.
  • Run as an independent program — Collaborate requires a browser to function.
  • Have your recordings go directly into your My Media area in Blackboard, where you can then easily embed the videos in your course — Collaborate recordings can only be viewed in a separate and special Collaborate player, or can be downloaded to your computer (at which point you can manually upload them to My Media).

by Jason LaMar